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1st May 2017
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I am Mistress Sammie, stunning TV Dominatrix, premierLeicester Mistress, welcome to my site.

Have you ever wanted to take a walk on the wild side, well let me take you for that walk, where you can have fun and experience your secret desires, experiment in your sexual fantasies, be honest with your true bisexuality and needs.

I provide personal one to one sessions in Domination and Slave Training within a relaxed domestic setting. Through me you shall find your true self.

I welcome all Slaves, whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned veteran in the submissive world.

I ease new slaves in slowly and have a very playful nature. I want you to enjoy your adventure, grow with it, learn about yourself and experience new thoughts and feelings.

I always work within your comfort zone and when pushing your limits, do so gradually. You will never be physically harmed. The mind is a more powerful tool than beating and marking a Slave. Everything I do is safe, sane, sensual and consensual.

I will find out what makes you tick, establish your limits and boundaries and start to take you on the adventure you yearn for. You will be empowered to worship my very existence, treating me with respect and to please me without question or hesitation.

Total and utter discretion is assured and expected at all times.

I am renowned as being an accomplished Torturess when it comes to using floggers, paddles, whips, crops, canes, straps and more.

I am highly experienced in controlling the undisciplined, making good slaves out of bad.

I expect and demand devotion, obedience, loyalty and to worship the ground I walk on.

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Leicester TV Mistress Sammie